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3 inch Vertical Clyde Steam Plant

3 inch Vertical Clyde Steam Plant

Miniature Steam Models Clyde Steam Plant

Ref: MSM-4049

Mounting Tray P/N 2786
3 in. Vertical Boiler P/N 4059
3 in. Burner Kit P/N 4016
Clyde Twin Cylinder Engine P/N 5045
1-1/2 in. Vertical Refillable Gas Tank P/N 4272
1-1/4 in. Exhaust Oil Separator P/N 4062
Refillable Gas Tank Adaptor- Long (95 mm) P/N 4357
Screws/Bolts for Securing Components to Mounting Tray
Connecting piping for all components.
Wood lagging, brass binding strips and instructions fro lagging the boiler.

Not supplied:
Mounting Screws for fixing tray into the boat
Engine output shaft connections.

Boiler comes with wood lagging that can be installed by you. Although not required it does insulate the boiler and helps the performance of the engine. Modelers can usually install this lagging in 3-4 hours.

Click on This Text for Magazine Article on Borkum and Clyde Steam Plant.

Click On This Text For Operating Instruction For This Steam Engine

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