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Baldwin Records Of Construction - Baldwin Locomotive Works - Record #98 - 1920

Ref: Ted28

"Locomotives for Heavy Passenger Service". 32 p with embossed cover, staple bound. Covers 26 engines of increasing weight from large 4-6-0's up to large 4-8-2 Mountain types which show the changing power needs created by steel passenger cars. Includes Erie, C&O, N&W, NYC and USRA designs. Many of the loco types shown survived in service to the end of steam. Excellent condition showing only age patina.

Over a period of probably 35 years from about 1895, Baldwin Locomotive Works of Philadelphia published these booklets showcasing their products, their plant, their history, new designs and current technology, maintenance and repair. These records were distributed to prospective customers and other members of the railroad industry. They are 6"x9" horizontal format with cardstock covers and are generally nicely printed on good quality paper. Early copies were string bound and later ones stapled. Covers of early issues were often very ornamental with gilt, multicolor inks and, often, embossed designs and titles. Later copies are less flourished but still graphically attractive. The series shows the dramatic change in size and power of steam locomotives over that period. They were discontinued when Baldwin began a quarterly magazine of more typical format.

These Records are being offered by a longtime collector. They are all original printings and vary from 80 to 110 years old. We have selected only copies in good or better condition though some in only fair condition are of great enough historic importance that we included them. All these records are used and show some degree of wear and soiling, some have creases or minor tears and some have marks made by previous owners. We have not altered or repaired them but some may have minor repairs which will be noted. We have tried to describe them accurately and encourage you to study the photos to further understand their condition. We have considered their condition in pricing.

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Total Price$54.95

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