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Deluxe Crane

Deluxe Crane

Ref: Eitech-C35

Eitech C35 Building Site Cranes Metal Building Kit

Ages: 8 years and up

Create exciting life-like replicas
Perfect for the Advanced Eitech® builder
Includes illustrated instructions and tools for easy building
Use supplemental gears, remote controls, and motors to explore your creativity

Build up to three sky-scraping crane models with the C35 Eitech Deluxe Motorized Crane. Each set includes 960 pieces, a 3-way Cable Control, 3 Gear Motors, and Ball Bearing Joint for ultimate control and function. Design your crane to stand 90 cm tall. A brand new model, the Deluxe Motorized Crane will entertain you for hours. Step by step illustrated instructions are included for easy to follow directions.

Total Price$299.95

Retail Price: $329.90

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