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Coles Red Hit and Miss Engine 1" Bore 1 5/8 Stroke 5" Flywheel

Coles Red Hit and Miss Engine 1

Ref: Coles-Hit-Miss-R

Water Cooled Hit and Miss Engine

Miniature Hit and Miss Working Engine

Enjoy this hand machined hit and miss engine. Simply attach a 7.5 volt battery and add gas and watch in amazement as the engine puts away on your Desktop! A true marvel and work of art. This engine took over 150 hours of machining to produce. These engines have only been test run. Available in green or red.

Length: 8 inches
Height:: 5 1/2 inches
Flywheel: 4 7/8 inches
Material: Brass and Cast Iron

Length: 12 inches
Wide: 7 1/4 inches
Total height engine and base: 9 1/8 inches

This bronze and iron engine is completely machined, painted, assembled, tested and ready to run.

The engine is all hand machined!

The igniter ignition is not like a conventional auto ignition or even a buzz coil type ignition. To power the ignition just connect a 6 volt battery (not included) to the brass studs on the wooden box at the back of the engine. Polarity does not matter.

Use white gas. In the United States this is sold as lantern fuel and is sold under the brand names of Coleman or Crown. It is a low octane petrol. Pump petrol is usually to high in octane to work well in this engine.
The mixer is gravity feed. The needle valve only needs to be out about 1/8 turn to run and a little liquid fuel may drip from the mixer. When the engine is not in use it is best to close the fuel valve and needle valve to keep the fuel from leaking from the mixer.

Running Direction:
There are arrows painted on the flywheels to show the running direction. When looking at the engine with the front of the engine to your left the flywheel should turn cloackwise.

Click on picture for large view.

Total Price$2,479.95

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