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Crank Shaper [Aluminum Kit]

Crank Shaper [Aluminum Kit]

Ref: PMCS-1

HERE IT IS! The prettiest little shaper you will ever have the pleasure of running. This shaper is a 1/12 scale replica of the Figure 850 Crank Shaping Machine found on page 234 of the "Charles A. Strelinger Company" catalog of 1895. This catalog is available through our BOOK PAGE, (STOCK #20692). The crank shaper measures approximately 5" high, 5" long, and 4" wide.

When you get this baby cranked up, it has more parts moving in different directions that you can imagine. It will delight and fascinate all who see it.

Kit, complete with 11 easy machining aluminum castings, all required hardware, material, bar stock, precut gear stock, finished miter gears and complete working drawings. Kit includes cone pulley for jack shaft.

This is a CASTING KIT that requires machining!

Total Price$99.95

Retail Price: $150.00

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