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Exergia Candle Stirling Engine Kit

Exergia Candle Stirling Engine Kit

Stilring Engine DriveStilring Engine DriveStilring Engine Drive

Ref: Exergia-106004

This medium temperature Stirling engine is powered by the heat of a usual tea light candle. It is highly suitable for easy and quick demonstration of the basic thermodynamics working in a hot air engine and is great fun to assemble ... The kit is packed within a box, that will be used as the engine's housing. It includes all necessary parts (~150) to assemble the engine and the candle rack. Neither gluing nor machining is required. Only common hand tools are used. It ships with assembly drawings, construction guide (which provides the step by step instructions to build) including a paragraph explaining the engine's function both in English and German language.
Dimensions: diameter ~100mm, height ~250mm
Speed: about 300-600 rpm
The included candle gives an operation time of about 3-4 hours.

Total Price$41.25

Retail Price: $51.25

Click on This Text for Assembly and Operating Instructions

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