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Exergia Ecorun 2.0 Candle Stirling Engine

Exergia Ecorun 2.0 Candle Stirling Engine

Stilring Engine DriveStilring Engine DriveStilring Engine Drive

Ref: Exergia-106008

The new Candle Stirling Engine Ecorun2.0 is available. It is the assembled, ready to run version of the Ecorun2.0 kit (*):
Put the tea light candle into the rack, light the candle and fit the engine centred on top of the rack over the burning candle. After a minute or two, flip the prop in a clockwise direction. The ecorun2.0 engine should start immediately and will run for more than thee hours - the burning time of the candle.

Technical data: •Graphite working piston, running in a precision Aluminium tube
Housing made of two plate covers and a coated cardboard ring
Displacer inside the housing is made of temperature resistant foam
Upper supporting structure is made of flat bars like those used in metal construction kits
Diameter ~100mm
Height ~250mm
Speed between 300-600 rotations per minute/li>
Operation time of about 3-4 hours with the included candle
In contrast to the kit the assembled version has a slightly different candle rack. Instead of the cardboard prop the engine comes with a white molded plastic propeller."

Total Price$99.95

Retail Price: $109.95

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