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HALO five cylinder radial

HALO five cylinder radial

Ref: Liney-HaloComp

This is the HALO five cylinder radial. Liney has been developing it as time allowed over the last three years. The intent was to make an external combustion (steam/compressed air) design that mimicked the operation of real radial aircraft engines as close as possible. It has cams on the crank which operate the pushrods and in turn the rocker arms and the very unique ball bearing valves. It has five 3/8th inch pistons linked to the single crank via a master rod and connecting rods just as would be expected in a full size radial. Best of all, the design allows you to see nearly every moving part while the engine is running. Even the cams and pushrod end bearings can be seen. Unlike a normal four stroke radial, every piston "fires" every revolution. Five power strokes per revolution! This engine is completed and ready to run.

Some dimensions:
.375 pistons with .375 stroke (square engine)
The engine is just under 5 inches overall OD
The cylinders are .75 inches OD
The crankcase is 1.65 OD
The Drive shaft is 1/4"

Total Price$2,000.00

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