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Hemmens Traction Engine

Hemmens Traction Engine

Ref: MHTraction


Classic Maxwell Hemmens Traction Engine, Live Steam 1/12 scale, Coal Fired

This fine Maxwell Hemmens model is coal fired, however I have never built a fire in it. The model displays the true character and visual appeal of the great old Agricultural machines. It is a fully functional, detailed scale model of the old timers with chain steering, operating safety valve, reversing lever and two speed gears, pressure gauge and water level indicator. The boiler is made of copper and pressure tested to 150 psi. The original test certificate with the boiler number is provided. The engine has a single cylinder with slide valve, and Stephensons link reversing gear and valve parts. The water tank is bolted between the horn plates.

Weight 25 pounds Length 20 inches Height 11 1/2 inches Width 7 13/16 inches Dia. of Drivers 6 1/2 inches

Click on picture for large view.

Total Price$6,999.95

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