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Hielscher Steam Engine Mini Alexandria, ready to run

Hielscher Steam Engine Mini Alexandria, ready to run

Ref: HI-010042

The sister of our Mini Victoria is the vertical Mini Steam engine Alexandria.
Vertical Boilers had the advantage of a very small base area and a big combustion chamber.
They were heated in a very short time and the steam engines required less space. This kind of engines were often used in ships. The big red flywheel and the long stroke gives the engine an elegant
appearance. With the pulley it is possible to let run working models like our Drilling Engine, Hack Saw or grinder.
The Hielscher Mini Alexandria is double sided acting and is made of fine precious metals like stainless steel, brass and copper.
The Steam Engine Mini Alexanddria comes with a nice wooden ground plate to visually upgrade it. The model is packed in a decorative tin box, therefore it very suitable as a gift.

Technische Daten /
Technical Data
Maße mit Grundbrett /
Dimensions with ground plate
Länge / Length: 90 mm
Breite / Width: 60 mm
Höhe / Height : 120 mm
Gewicht / Weight: 136 g
Laufzeit: Ca. 5 min.
Running time: About 5 min.

Total Price$199.95

Retail Price: $599.95

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