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Hielscher Grasshopper I, G 1830

Hielscher Grasshopper I, G 1830

Ref: HI-010500

After the York took the honours in a competition, the owners of the Baltimore & Ohio Rail Road Co. ordered a further 18 locomotives from their manufacturer, Gillingham & Winans. Because of their strange appearance with upright boiler, vertical cylinders and stilt shaped piston rods, the locomotives were soon nicknamed Grasshopper. On 24th August 1835 a Grasshopper pulled the first train to Washington. In 1836 under the name Columbus G & W built a Grasshopper for the Leipzig-Dresdener Railway Company, the first locomotive exported from America to Germany.

A novel 45 mm steam train with powerful 2 cylinder “Andreas” mini steam engine, gas powered with lighter gas. Made with strong materials. Running time 15 min; wheels are insulated. May be controlled either by hand or remote control with retrofittable electronic speed controller. Also available for retrofitting: pressure gauge and gas pressure control valve. See below for more details.

Technical Data:

Ready to run, painted
Lenght x Width x Height: 200 x 65 x 125 mm
Running time: 15 min
Weight: 350 g

Click on picture for large view.

Total Price$592.80

Retail Price: $771.95

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