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Hielscher Stirling 1

Hielscher Stirling 1

Ref: HI-100600

The unusual Hielscher Hot Air Engine -Stirling 1 has a flywheel in the form of a propeller and its displacer cylinder is a thin-walled can made of tin. It can be fuelled using either a spirit burner or tea-light. The number of revolutions per minute will be lower when the engine is operated using a tea-light due to the lower temperature.

Technical Data:
working cylinder ø: 18.00 mm
stroke: 14.00 mm
revolutions per minute: 1,500 rpm
height: 230 mm
width: 120 mm
weight: 185 g
running time: 20 min with one fill-up of spirit, 3 hrs with a tea-light

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Total Price$218.30

Retail Price: $310.95

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