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Jensen Steam Engine Model 65

Jensen Steam Engine Model 65

Ref: JN65

Full-featured, mid-sized, Double acting slide valve stationary cylinder, "dry fueled engine with a 2-1/8 x 6 boiler. Powers Erector Sets and other miniatures with power to spare...also spin start" reversible. Includes pop valve, whistle and throttle.

Bore: 7/16" x 5/8" Stroke.

Note: All fuel fired Jensen steam engine fireboxes discolor after FIRST use. They are NOT painted with high temperature paint or powder coating.

Click on picture for large view.

Don't forget the Esbit Fuel and the Steam Oil! See Bottom of Page.

THIS IS NOT A TOY! As it involves a flame it is not for use by anyone under the age of 14.

Total Price$199.95

Retail Price: $205.95

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