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Karsten Steam Turbine Tornado

Karsten Steam Turbine Tornado

Karsten Tornado LayoutKarsten Tornado GeneratorKarsten Steam Turbine Tornado

Ref: KR7

German Made Steam The steam turbine 'Tornado' is a power plant in miniature. The boiler is fired with denaturated alcohol to suply a turbine wheel with steam. A small DC generator is coupled to the turbine.

The generator creates a potential of 5V DC and a output to supply more then 30 LED's. A small drive motor and an HO scale elektric lokomotive are developed right for this steam turbine ( Not inclusive with this offer)

The housing is easy to open, so you can see the turbine blades working.

The size of the design of the steam engine is aligned to the well known scale railroad Gauge 1. A handpainted figure in this scale is with the turbine. Also 2 separate lamps and a small spotlight.

Click on picture for large view.

Total Price$484.95

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