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Krick U Boat Type VII Grundbaukasten

Krick U Boat Type VII Grundbaukasten

Ref: KR20310

Krick U Boat Type VII Grundbaukasten

Description: Submarine type VII b.
The type VII was the most well-known submarine. Over 1000 in different versions were built. This type is characterized by its particularly harmonious form, which resembles more a ship than a modern submarine. This model is a component system with all stampings from high-quality abs plastic.
The trunk of the submarine type VII b consists of a deck of two half shells, the dipping tank, ballast tank for water ballast as well as the outer thin material, so that all slots and openings can be recognized well. The structure of tower is likewise built up from several punched ABS parts. All fittings as well as the two cannons are contained in the foundation engineering box.
The technology: The dipping process of this model is semi-dynamic, i.e. the fact that a pump and a flood tank are contained in the dipping set, which only work supporting for dynamic (by speed supported) dipping.
Additional: 20311 drive and dipping set for component system sold separately.
Technical data: Scale: 1:60 Length: 1120 mm Width: 125 mm Height: 170 mm

Krick-20311 accessory set not included.

Click on picture for large view of kit.

Total Price$259.55

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