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Hielscher Live Steam Locomotive 89 H0 Scale with Remote

Hielscher Live Steam Locomotive 89 H0 Scale with Remote

Ref: HI-010116

This live steam locomotive is heated by lighter-gas. Our two cylider self starting "Andreas" steam engine drives the loco "89". In the attached car is located the refillable gas tank for lighter -gas. In the basic set the regulation, start, forwards, backwards, speed and stop is done by hand. With the add mini remote control in the attrached goods wagon it is possible to regulate the speed and direction per remote control.

From 1934 till 1938, 10 locomotives each 525 PS where delivered to the Deutsche Reichsbahn made by Henschel and Schwarzkopf. After 1945, 5 locomotives where stationed in Eastern Germany the other 5 in Poland. The last run was 1967. One is in Traffic Museumin Dresden.

Technical Data:

Ready to run with remote control
Length of train: 340 mm
Width: 35,5 mm
Height: 48 mm
Weight: 315 g
Boiler: 65 x 20 mm
Piston Diamiter: 2 x 7 mm
Stroke: 7 mm
Running time: 9 min.
Solid fuel: Lighter-gas

Total Price$779.95

Retail Price: $1,600.00

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