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Marklin 88720 Diesel Rail Car Insider 2006

Marklin 88720 Diesel Rail Car Insider 2006

Ref: MK88720

Marklin 88720, Model of the DB, the Deutsche Bundesbahn (1945 - present).

German Federal Railroad (DB) class VT 08.5 fast powered rail car train. Three-unit design with a B-2+2-2+2-2 wheel arrangement.

This three-part unit consists of a powered car, (VT), intermediate car (VM), and a cab control car (VS). 4 axles are powered with a 5-pole motor.
There is a special close coupled connection between the cars. The dual headlights and dual red marker lights are maintenance-free LED's that change over with the direction of travel.
The train looks as the prototype did in the 1950s. Length of the three-unit train 364 mm / 14-5/16

Click on picture for large view.

Total Price$601.93

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