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Marklin Exclusive !

Online Catalogue | Marklin |  Marklin Exclusive !

Marklin Live steam train

Marklin Live steam train

Ref: MK55005


Marklin 55005

Royal Bavarian State Railroad (K.Bay.Sts.B.) class S 3/6 in the green provincial railroad paint scheme of the prototype in Era I. 4-6-2 wheel arrangement, Pacific design. Later the class 18.4.

The locomotive's frame and body are made of metal. The locomotive comes with a real steam boiler and a propulsion system by means of the cylinders and the drive rods and side rods on 3 wheel sets. The locomotive has a wireless remote control and smooth, controllable speed. The locomotive receiver is built into the tender, and the sender is included with the locomotive. The locomotive's water boiler is fired with a refillable gas tank that uses gas for cigarette lighters available in most stores. The locomotive has a built-in safety valve and a manometer. Rechargeable batteries (AA size) are required for the locomotive receiver in the tender as well as for the sender in order to operate the remote control. These batteries do not come with the locomotive. Minimum radius for operation 1,020 mm / 40-3/16 inch. Length over the buffers 67.0 cm / 26-3/8 inch.

Reproduction of a Marklin 1930's Stationary Steam Engine

Reproduction of a Marklin 1930's Stationary Steam Engine

Ref: MK16051


Reproduction of a Marklin 1930's Stationary Steam Engine.

Box not Available.

Model: Reissue of a Marklin steam machine from the 1930's. Horizontal machinery, high pressure and low pressure cylinder mounted in joint cylinder jacket. 2 massive flywheels with doubled string-run choke cam. Drop shaft, centrifugal regulator. Sheet iron foundation. Sheet brass boiler. Fire box with gallery rods on both sides. Appliances: Steam dome with safety weight valve. Steam whistle, steam shut-off cock, three-way cock, water level indicator with discharge cock, manometer. Size: Height with smokestack app. 34 cm / 13-3/8 inch. Foundation app. 37 cm x 37 cm / 14-9/16 inch x 14-9/16 inch.

One-time series.

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Online Catalogue | Marklin |  Marklin Exclusive !

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