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Martin Triple Marine Steam Engine Plant with Water Pump Mounted

Martin Triple Marine Steam Engine Plant with Water Pump Mounted

Martin Triple Marine Steam Engine Plant with Water Pump MountedThis shows the combined filter and priming pump for the feed water system it also shows the pipe work for same.This image shows clearly the layout of the various items, engine, boiler, gas tank, oil separator and feed water reservoir.In this picture can be seen the pressure gauge complete with bottle siphon, the combined by-pass and check valve, the dummy fire door,  the engine driven feed pump and steam valve.

Ref: Martin-Triple-Mount

Martin are now offering a static steam plant, the plant consists of a Kingdon style vertical boiler, combined by-pass/check valve, three or two cylinder cylinder steam engine, engine driven feed pump, combined feed water filter and priming pump, rechargeable gas tank, oil separator tank and feed water reservoir. The unit is mounted on an anodised aluminium plate with rubber feet. For those who do not wish to build a model but still wish to enjoy the pleasures of steam this may well be an option.

The Martin Baylis Engineering Kingdon style vertical boiler has been designed to give a good balance between functionality and aesthetic appeal, it features dummy fire door, safety valve, bottle siphon pressure gauge, sight glass blow down to oil separator, wooden cladding, brass boiler bands, steam valve, copper dome steam space, decretive brass ring to top, ornamental funnel top and base and is fitted with a ceramic burner. The boiler is pre-fitted to the base and comes complete.

The Martin Baylis double acting slide valve three cylinder steam engine has been designed to resemble as much as is practical at this scale the appearance of a compound marine steam engine. Once again every effort has been made to use or give the appearance of materials that would have been available during the age of steam. Items such as connecting rods and eccentric rods are fully machined and profiled giving the appearance of the original items. In the case of the eccentric rods, stainless steel and brass have been used to simulate the bronze eccentric strap and steel eccentric rod of full sized practice. Effort has also been made to incorporate into the engine items that are so often seen as separate entities. The displacement lubricator sits between the cylinders and the throttle assembly is hidden within the steam chest, giving a neat and uncluttered appearance to the engine. Steam-ways are an integral part of the cylinder block so there is no external pipe work other than that to deliver the steam and remove the exhaust.

The simulated wooden cladding complete with brass straps adds to the look of authenticity, as do the cylinder head fixings which are especially made to replicate dome head bolts. Connecting rods display bolt heads at the big ends. The engine is pre-fitted to the base and comes complete

Base dimensions: 300mm (11.8") x 360mm (14.2")

Working Pressure: 45psi or 3bar

Fired by commercially available Butane/Propane mix gas

This boiler is suitable for either the Martin Baylis Engineering Triple or Twin.

Bore: 9mm
Stroke: 12mm
Capacity: 4.575cc
Working Pressure: 45psi or 3bar
Length: 110mm or 4.33" (excluding reversing handle)
Width: 52.5mm or 2.07" (excluding throttle handle)
Height: 90.3mm or 3.56" (excluding lubricator cap)
Weight: 475g or 16.8oz

Total Price$4,795.95

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