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One Box of Esbit Fuel (4 grams ea. tablet)

One Box of Esbit Fuel (4 grams ea. tablet)

Ref: Esbit 1 Pack

Esbit fuel tablets differ from most other solid fuel tablets in that they are non-toxic and completely consume themselves when burned. Most other fuel tablets leave a toxic residue behind. The manufacturer states that Esbit fuel tabs can be safely burned inside a properly ventilated room. They are very small and extremely light weight. They burn for about 15 minutes and are a great toy steam engine fuel.

Sold by the box. One box contains 20 tablets 4 grams each. Shown in picture is one CASE of esbit which contains 36 boxes.

Total Price (4 or fewer items)$6.95

Total Price (5 to 9 items)$5.50

Total Price (10 to 19 items)$5.25

Total Price (20 to 35 items)$5.00

Total Price (36 or more items)$4.49

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