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PM Research 2A Oscillating Steam Engine-Aluminum Casting Set

PM Research 2A Oscillating Steam Engine-Aluminum Casting Set

Ref: PM2A


Often adapted for small marine applications, this engine has a simple but unique porting system. The head oscillates as it runs, swinging the port holes from inlet to exhaust. A great novice engine as well as fun for the experienced enthusiast. This comes as a casting kit for the machinist. All hardware, gasket material, bar stock and 6 aluminum sand castings plus complete working drawings are included.

Machining and assembly required.
Bore 1/2"
Stroke 3/4"
Double Acting
Total Height: 4-1/2"
Flywheel diameter is 2-1/4"

Also available is a one hour Instructional DVD that provides easy step-by-step layout, set-up, and machining of the #2 steam engine kit.

This is a CASTING KIT that requires machining!

Click on picture for large view of kit.

Total Price$53.90

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