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Rider Monski - Stirling

Rider Monski - Stirling

Ref: WGHV-01-330

WIGGERS Stirling model engineering is glad to be able to present a model of a special design: the worldwide first Rider-Stirling machine.

It is the model of an original Rider Monski machine probably finished in licence before 1885 in Germany by Alexander Monski.

We succeeded to create a model whereby model engineers always failed. After nearly two years we primarily succeeded to set a perfect functioning model on foot – for pretentious Stirling model engineers a real technical dainty.

Technical information:
Ttotal height over chimney 400 mm, Width 170 mm, Length 190 mm,
Flying Wheel D-135 mm, Piston D -32 mm

Total Price$9,600.00

Retail Price: $14,000.00

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