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Ruhr Commuter Train

Ruhr Commuter Train

Ref: MK81437

Marklin Passenger Train -81437

The increase in the population in the Ruhr and Saal areas led to a demand for fast connections between cities as early as the provincial railroad period. Different studies were commissioned and carried out. The actual breakthrough did not occur until 1932 when the Ruhr Express Service was placed into service with a total of 32 trains between Essen and Dortmund. The train routes were continuously expanded and extended to Cologne, Mönchengladbach and Wuppertal-Vohwinkel. In addition to different powered rail cars, the 4-axle English design compartment cars turned out particularly well in this service. The attractive paint scheme became a trademark symbol for this regularly scheduled express passenger service. The dense sequence of stations, most of them only a 30 to 60 second stop, demanded locomotives that could accelerate quickly. The class 78 met this requirement as if it were child's play. The additional sign mounted on the smoke box was another indication of the special use for these units.
Model: Locomotive with all driving axles powered. Separately applied front sign Ruhr-Schnellverkehr. Car frame with truss rod and floor details. Separately applied foot boards, ladders, and grab irons. All wheels with dark wheel tread. Total length over buffers 348 mm / 13-11/16 inches.
Prototype: Commuter traffic train for the Ruhr Express Service of the German State Railroad Company (DRG). Steam locomotive with class 38 tender. 3 Prussian design compartment cars in special paint scheme. 2nd and 3rd class with brakeman's cabin, as well as 3rd class with and without brakeman's cabin.

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Total Price$553.70

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