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Stirling Powered Imperial Car

Stirling Powered Imperial Car

Ref: Boehm-HBA1

Böhm combined the ideas of both inventors in the Stirling-Car A1. The thin brass cusps are reminiscent of the Prussian imperial age and of historical automobiles from around 1885.

Technical data:

DIMENSIONS 13 cm x 16 cm x 8,7 cm
WEIGHT 1.200 g
MATERIALS Stainless steel screws, stainless steel side frames, massive brass wheels with round rubber coating, aluminum bracket and radiator grill
RPM 800-2000 Rev/min (depending on flame size and spacing)
GEARS/TRANSMISSION 3 gears (slow, middle, fast for table and floor), adjustable by reversing the belt
STEERING 360° revolvable

Bohm Striling engines are run on denatured alcohol(Canada, AKA Methyl HD Hydrate).

Click on picture for large view.

THIS IS NOT A TOY! As it involves a flame it is not for use by anyone under the age of 14.

Total Price$497.95

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