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Stirlingmotor Blech-NSM

Stirlingmotor Blech-NSM

Ref: Blech-NSM

This German made Stirlingmotor stirling engine is an elaborately designed engine. It is modeled after an engine made in early 1900's. The engine is constructed of a brass heat exchanger, stainless steel pistons and cylinders; the rest of the engine is made from iron castings. The flywheel is equipped with a pulley to run accessories. The engine is hand painted and has an alcohol burner that operates the model for 40-60 minutes.

Length 6 1/2 in X Width 6 1/2 in X Height 14 in
Flywheel Diameter 7 in
Weight 5 lbs

Click on picture for large view.

Total Price$435.95

Retail Price: $495.95

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