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Stuart Oil Pump Castings

Stuart Oil Pump Castings

Ref: ST34-50-71199

Oil Field Pump Unmachined Set of Castings

The Oil Field Pump is a relatively new addition to the Stuart range. We have designed the model so it can be powered by any of our engines and closely follows the style of oil field pumps working to this day all over the world.

The reciprocating action of this model, when driven by an engine, makes for a fascinating centre piece to any steam display. The Oil Field Pump is supplied as a complete set of castings and materials together with precut gears, drawings, fixings and fittings.

Please remember our sets of castings require the use of a lathe and milling machine to turn them into a working steam engine.

Hight 12 inches
Length 10 inches
Width 4.5 inches
Flywheel Diameter 2 1/2 inches

Cast Iron Baseplate, control weights, control arms, pump head, flywheel.
Gunmetal Arm block, front support legs, pump base, lower pump body, upper pump body, pipe unions, journal blocks.
Steel Spindles, support columns, screws, bracket, bearing block caps, beam, stoke and piston slides.
Sundries Detailed drawings, viton "O" rings, washers, balls, finished gears, fixings pack.

Total Price$447.85

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