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Stuart Progress Unmachined Set of Castings

Stuart Progress Unmachined Set of Castings

Ref: ST34-50-70713

Stuart Progress Unmachined Set of Castings

The Stuart "Progress" Engines started production in the 30's and only ran for a short while.This model has been reintroduced for the newcomer and collector alike.
It was designed as a simple engine to machine, only requiring a small lathe. It is supplied as a full set of castings together with all materials, fixings and drawings book to finish the model.


Length 4 1/2 inches
Flywheel 2 1/2 inches
Bore 1/2 inch
Stroke 5/8 inch


Cast Iron Cylinder, flywheel, box bed, frame, front / rear cylinder covers, crank.
Gun Metal Piston rod gland.
Brass Piston, big end.
Steel Piston rod, pivot pin and crank pin.
Sundries Detail drawings, gasket paper, gland packing, cylinder lagging, spring and fixing pack.

Total Price$139.95

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