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The Flame Eater

The Flame Eater

Ref: PMSolar-3

The Fantastic Vacuum Engine
With a slight twist of the flywheel, the engine roars to life. The alcohol flame dances furiously and a lance of fire stabs through the rapidly working valve. The exhaust-like popping coupled with the clattering of the valve assembly causes a pleasant commotion that is music to the ears of those who enjoy the mechanical marvels of man. This is the exciting "Vacuum Engine," with a history that goes back to the early 1700's. It is the ultimate in craftsmanship, function and beauty of design. This engine has a beautiful combination of fine wood grain and black base. It is highlighted by a polished brass cylinder and standard. The massive flywheel, crank and burner are nickel plated.
The Flame Eater measures 6" x 8-1/2" and comes with its own alcohol burner. Completely assembled, factory-tested and ready to fascinate you and your audiences with speeds up to 1,000 RPM. This engine is perfect for hobbyists, students, collectors, and experimenters. Completely assembled and ready to run.

Not a Stirling but an unconventional heat engine in which the piston, on the outward stroke and driven by the flywheels, draws a flame and hot gas into the cylinder through a valve in the cylinder head which is held open during this half-cycle.
At the bottom of the stroke the valve is closed and the gas, now cooled by the water jacket, contracts. The resulting drop in internal pressure allows external air pressure to drive the piston back on its inward stroke, storing energy in the flywheels. As it approaches TDC the internal pressure rises to equal the external, but the piston continues on its stroke, now driven by the flywheels, and with any further rise in internal pressure prevented by the valve opening.
When the piston reaches TDC the cycle is complete and begins again on the outward stroke.
The engine produces very little useable power but does make a splendid noise due to the flame and gasses being alternately drawn into, and blown away from, the valve.

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