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The Glass Works

The Glass Works

Ref: PMSolar-7

The Glassworks

See the pistons at work. Look inside the glass cylinders at the Stirling Cycle principle in action. This engine is extremely interesting to watch, is well built, and runs at speeds up to 1500 RPM. This is a hard combination to beat. Gyro-quality ball bearings, machined flywheel, sand cast frame which is painted royal blue, aluminum cooling fins and a hardwood platform are only a few of the outstanding features incorporated into this engine. To illustrate the versatility of a Stirling Engine, we provide a burner for denatured alcohol and a platform for solid fuel. A sample quantity of ESBIT dry fuel is supplied with the engine as well.

Special features include: replaceable and adjustable Pyrex hot cap, replaceable Pyrex power cylinder, dual fuel capability, and a solid hardwood platform. Specifications: 9" length x 4" height x 6" width. Completely assembled and ready to run.

Click on picture for large view.

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Retail Price: $300.00

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