BIX 2 - 2 5/8 in. in diameter round burner

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Does not include connecting pipe, gas tank or gas jet.

To make a full operational burner assembly with this burner you will need:
Gas Jet Size 8
Refillable Gas Tank - Small or Standard
Gas tank connecting pipe (100mm, 275mm, 450mm)
Gas Refill Adapter - To fill Refillable Gas Tank with Butane Propane mix such as Primus camping fuel (cheaper than the butane cigarette lighter refill bottles). Note this adapter is not needed if a butane lighter refill bottle is used.

Specifications Drawings

Setting Jet
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Safety Instructions

Gas Jet, sizes 8

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No. 8 gas jet for butane/propane burners; 69grm/hr (for butane/propane burners) consumption rate w/valve fully open (figures for guidance only as consumption can vary under different conditions);
Gas jet thread 1BA, hole size .25 mm