1903 De Dion casting kit with Gears

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1903 De Dion casting kit with Gears.

The "De Dion 1903" from Classic Motors is a detailed copy of one of the first car engines built in large numbers. It is in scale 1:4 ; has much tourque at low revvs and is therefore a very good choice for a scale car of this period. This slow running 17cc fourstroke engine has an automatic inlet valve and an exhaust valve operated by a single cam. It runs excellent on 2-stroke mixture and can be used with spark ignition or glow ignition.

There are available casting kits including: castings for crankcase, cylinder, timing case, flywheels (bronce) and material for liner (nearly perfect inside) and piston ;gears and drawings are included. Also available is a CD with over 100 photos of building the De Dion. A very good help as you see each detail and assembly.

Bore x stroke 25mm x 30mm; app 180mm high.

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