Challenger V8 Flathead Engine

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We do still have the Conley V8 engine available for a cheaper price.. See Below

This engine is a hand machined working scale model of a V8 Flat Head Engine. Estimated machining time formachining this engine is 350 hours! It hand machined by a master machinist!

Engine Specifications:
Long - 15 inches including radiator.
Tall - 10 inches
Wide - 7 1/2 inches
Block 7 inches
Fuel - 89 Octane unleaded
Oil - Mobile 1 10W-30
Pressure oil pump
Pressurized water pump
Fully lubricated cam drive gear
Direct drive
4 Cycle - Water Cooled
Naturally aspirated - No supercharger
Spark ignition - 1 plug per cylinder
CDI electronic ignition with distributor

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