Butane Gas Powered Turbine Engine - T120 Runs on Butane and Steam MM1

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This turbine works like a gas turbine or jet engine. The working fluid is water.
It utilizes a pump and an evaporator.

Below the turbine is a fixed capacitor and a acrylic glass consisting of non-pressurized water tank. Above the turbine is the gas burner.

The principle operation of the steam turbine:
Water is pumped into the turbine. The upper part of the evaporator is about 1mm thick, a thin flat layer of water comes in contact with the upper wall of the turbine. This wall is heated by the gas burner and brings the trapped water to the boiling point. The pumps and evaporation run simultaneously
The opposite of centrifugal force, the fulcrum of the turbine steam is flowing through a line to the circumference of the turbine and flows out through jet propulsion. Then the steam is passed through a condenser tube, the resulting water flows back into the water tank.

Technical data:
Model: Gas Steam Turbine MM-1
Rotation Speed Control: Via Tank Valve
Turbine Shaft: 2-Fold Ball Bearing Mounted
Rotation Speed: 3,000 - 6,000 rpm
Running Time: 10 min/tankful (idling mixture)
Water Content: 300 ml Lime-Free Water (Distilled)
Tachometer: Digital
Temperature Meter: Digital
Height _ Width _ Length: 200 mm _ 200 mm _ 300 mm
Weight: 2,200 grams

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