Butane Gas Powered Engine - Four Cylinder Axial Piston Gas Engine MM6

SKU: Maier MM-6
$1,999.95 $1,375.95

The four cylinder axial piston gas engine with "tumbling spider" engine is based on the model of aeroplane engines tested in the 1930s and 1940s. These engines were of interest because they took up less front space than radial engines.

The piezo high voltage ignition system built into the base is propelled by a drive belt from the engine shaft. The ignition, or rather, ignition point is controlled by a central distributor. Gas and rotation speed control is achieved via a valve on the gas tank with pressure gauge. 2 sprockets fasten the tumbling spider. Ball and socket joints connect the tumbling spider and pistons.

The elegant motion sequence of four cylinders is especially accentuated by the open construction design. The counter-rotating parts â€" tumbling spider, pistons, crosshead and push rods â€" present an intriguing mechanical interplay while operating. The engine runs at a pleasantly deep pitch.

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