Galloway 1/4 Scale Model Hit and Miss Ready to Run

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Galloway - 1/4 Scale of 5 HP Hit and Miss Engine Machined Kit.

Engine comes as pictured. Machined, assembled paintednand test run with wooden stand .

PLEASE ALLOW 2 MONTHS FOR DELIVER. This engine is hand machined by a master machinist and requires two months to produce.

Kit Contains all Machined Parts:

Cast Iron Castings (8)
2 flywheels, base, bearing caps, cylinder, cylinder sleeve, head and sub-base

Bronze Castings (9)
Connecting rod bearing, carburetor, igniter, push rod brackets, governor bracket, rocker arm bracket, muffler top and muffler bottom.

Aluminum Castings (2)
Water hopper and Piston

Set of Gears (Bored to size)
Detailed Blueprints (5) 17" x 22", (3) 1 ½" x 14", (1) 8 ½" x 11"

¼ Scale Galloway Specifications:
Flywheels - 7.625 inch
Bore - 1.312 inch
Stroke - 2.530 inch

Shipping Weight 37 lbs

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