Tannheim Z Scale Briefcase Layout

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Tannheim- is a Z scale model train layout in the famous Noch aluminum suit-case, winter landscape, 50 x 37 cm (20 x 15 in). This layout is in our well known high-quality expanded polystyrene technology. The route passes through not only over the mountain but also through the mountain in a tunneled system. Tannheim possesses a high-quality electronic automatic controller, which is characterized through great slow handling characteristics and a small power input and an integrated transformer and/or battery box. Because of the radii of the smaller suit-cases model course the railroad cars should not be longer than 8.5 cm.. Likewise no locomotives with more than 4 axles (2 rotary stands) should be used. Locomotives with forerunners are inclined to derailing.

The layout is ready assembled with pictured background. It includes a speed regulator powered by battery or transformer (not included). Layout does not come with trains.

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