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1890's Drill Press [Aluminum Kit]

1890's Drill Press [Aluminum Kit]

Ref: PMDP-1


Picture this in your mind! A display representing an 1895 machine shop with wooden beam construction. At one end of the engine room complete with one of our #5 engines and our #BLR-1 or #BLR-2 boilers. Then the rest of the 1895 machine shop with our beautiful little DP-1 drill press working away alongside our awesome EL-1 model lathe. What a sight! But wait, there's more! Much more to come. Build your machine shop with expansion in mind; because we plan to expand this machine tool line.

Now picture this! You making chips with your own machine shop! You are the proprietor! You are the operator! In fact, you'd better wear suspenders 'cause you may just pop your buttons when you swell up with pride as you watch the beholder's eyes sparkle with pure delight.

That's right! You can actually drill holes with this baby! This little darling was scaled down to 1/12 scale from the J. E. Snyder Company 21" upright drill press as found in illustration #450 on page 116 of the "Charles A. Strelinger Company" catalog of 1895. You can purchase one of these 1895 catalogs from our BOOK PAGE, (STOCK #20692). The drill press measures 6-1/2" high.
Kit, complete with 13 easy machining aluminum castings, all required hardware, material, bar stock, precut gear stock, finished bevel gears and complete working drawings.

This is a CASTING KIT that requires machining.!

Total Price$75.00

Retail Price: $100.00

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