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Boehm-ROLL1 Marble Machine

Boehm-ROLL1 Marble Machine

Ref: Boehm-HB-ROLL1

Marble Machine ROLL1

Böhms entry into the world of marble machines is a real eye-catcher for both young and old; follow the 8 marbles in the tornado loop, be amazed by the marble machine!

Technical data

158 mm x 108 mm x 154 mm L x W x H
850 g
Brass, steel marbles 9,5mm, stainless steel sides, aluminium drive wheels
Base plate
natural or dark lacquered beech
Marbles 8 pieces
4 ball bearings
3 speed adjustable with a belt wheel
Direction, clockwise or counterclockwise

Total Price$374.99

Retail Price: $576.40

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