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Karsten Turbine Steam Engine Diablo

Karsten Turbine Steam Engine Diablo

Karsten DiabloKarsten DiabloKarsten DiabloKarsten Diablo
Karsten DiabloKarsten DiabloKarsten Diablo

Ref: KR10

German Made Steam Turbine

A steam engine by Gintschel-Modellbau

The steam turbine 'Diablo' is a small radial steam turbine heated with spirits. The spheric boiler produces steam for a double ball-bearing blade wheel. This reaches a speed of up to 15 000 RPM. The accompanying sound is incomparable.

Facts of this model:

Aluminium, Cooper, Brass, stainles steel

temperature-resistant laquer / powder coat

Turbine speed: up to 15 000 Rpm

Boiler pressure: max. 20 PSI

Measurement: 3,5 in x 5 in x 5,5 in / Boiler diameter 1,5 Inch

Weight: 1,3 lbs

Running time is arround 5 minutes. Drop catcher bowl is with the turbine! Also a syringe to fill the boiler and the spirits tank.

Please note:
This is a technical demonstration device, or a 'technical toy'. Hot water and burning spirits require care and know how. So this steam engine is not a childrens toy.

Click on picture for large view.

Total Price$249.95

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