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Krick Anna Steam Launch

Krick Anna Steam Launch

Ref: KR20211

Krick Anna is a small open launch, the ideal for introduction to steam sailing.
The hull is vacuum formed ABS, all timber work is CNC cut making this a very easy model to construct, the figure and fenders are additional accessories. Scale 1:10 Details: Length: 24 in. (610 mm); Beam: 10 1/4 in. (260 mm); Height to Deck: 4in. (101.6 mm)

The engine and boiler (NOT INCLUDED) are fully visible on the top deck.

The hull is constructed of ABS and all plywood parts are laser-cut.

Krick Victoria accessory set not included.

The Wilesco D49 marine engine will work with this model.

Click on picture for large view of kit.

Total Price$169.95

Click on This Text for Assembly and Operating Instructions

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