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Large Freight Starter Set

Large Freight Starter Set

Ref: MK81865

Marklin Large Freight Train Starter Set 120 Volts with a Large Track Layout and a Power Pack - 81865

Model: Locomotive comes with a 5-pole motor. All driving axles powered. Low side car is loaded with 2 automobile models made of metal. Hopper car is loaded with real coal. Brakeman platform and walkway with ladders are separately applied. Finely detailed, partially open frame. 20 sections straight track, 12 sections curved track, 1 double slip switch, 3 electric turnouts, 3 track bumpers, rerailer, control box, distribution strip, wire, and power pack. Track plan brochure. Train length 365 mm / 14-3/8 inch. Can be expanded with the SET track extension sets 8192 and 8193 or as desired.
Prototype: 1 German Federal Railroad (DB) class 50 freight locomotive. 1 refrigerator car with a brakeman cab. 1 type Xlm low side car. 1 type Fals hopper car. 1 tank car with a brakeman’s platform. 1 type Ibls 407 refrigerator car.

Click on picture for large view.

Total Price$650.72

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