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Model 7BI Working Replica Stationery Steam Mill Engine

Model 7BI Working Replica Stationery Steam Mill Engine

Ref: PM-7BI


This kit comes as an un-machined casting kit or fully machined. This makes it a great project for any hobbyist or the more enthusiastic machinist with a small lathe. Because of the twin cylinders, this engine has the unique ability to always start by just turning on the steam. There is no need to crank the flywheel. Our thanks to modeler Pete Rose for the idea. The casting kit comes complete with 16 bronze and iron castings, all required hardware, gasket material, brass and steel bar stock, and working drawings. Machining and assembly required.

For those not able to machine it, We also offer this in a fully machined kit ready for easy assembly.

Bore 1/2"
Stroke 3/4"
Twin Engine
Length: 6-1/4"
Height: 3-1/2""
Width: 6-3/4"
Flywheel Dia: 3"

Total Price$146.02

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