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Red Wing Hit Miss Engine Complete

Red Wing Hit Miss Engine Complete

Ref: PM-R-WC-F

Water Cooled Red Wing Motor 1/4 Scale. This is a factory machined and completed engine.

The 5 HP Red Wing Engine was the inspiration for this quarter scale version. This model is fully functional and has a 2 inch stroke, a 1.25 inch bore and has 8 inch flywheels. It runs on camping fuel and uses a buzz coil as an ignition source.

This bronze and iron engine is completely machined, painted, assembled, tested and ready to run.

The engine is all hand machined! (The drain cock shown is optional - drain cock part DC-3 see below).

Bore 1-1/4"
Stroke 2"
Gasoline Engine
14-1/2" engine length
9-1/2" width
9" engine height
8-1/4" flywheel dia.

Click on picture for large view.

Total Price$2,849.95

Instructions How to Use

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