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Sellers Injectors Catalogue - 1928

Sellers Injectors Catalogue - 1928

Ref: Ted15

8" x 10" hardback; 95 pages
2 copies of this book are available.

A terrific hardback injector catalogue showing The Sellers Company's full line of steam locomotive injectors, accessories and injector parts in handsome, technical cross-section drawings and beautiful, half-tone, airbrushed renderings. Included is technical performance information and thorough sales text.

Injectors shown are:
- Self-acting lifting injector class N improved
- Self-acting lifting class M improved
- Self-acting lifting class P (for boiler backhead-Pennsylvania Railroad practice)
- Self-acting non-lifting class N-L of 1908
- Self-acting non-lifting class K, N-L
- Self-acting lifting class K
- Duplex lifting class C
- Injectors for small locomotives and traction engines U.S. Standard interchangeable non-lifting injector types A & B.

Includes installation diagrams, capacity charts, coupling nut diagrams, safety squirt device, boiler side and top checks (both regular and duplex). Also includes starter valves, relief valves, boiler tester, etc. Much of this equipment can still be found on surviving steam locomotives around the world.

Book is in excellent, near mint condition and still has the original printer's protective brown paper wrap (itself somewhat soiled). Beautiful gilt cover is spotless, unmarked and unsoiled. Corners are lightly bumped. Binding is tight and bright. Interior pages are bright, clean and unmarked. Edges of pages show slight aging and light soiling. It appears to have stood on a library shelf for a long time. This is a rare book in rare condition. You may never find a better copy. A very interesting and historic steam era technical catalogue.

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Total Price$239.95

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