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Steam Condenser/Oil Trap 1 1/4" Dia.(Oscillators)

Steam Condenser/Oil Trap 1 1/4

Ref: MSM-4062

Steam Condenser/Oil Trap 1 1/4" Dia.(Oscillators)

Steam/oil separator for "Miniature Steam" engines.

This product separates the oil from the water in the exhaust system of the engine.
It is a mandatory item in many countries that permit use of steam engine models for hobby use..
Lubrication oil that is essential to prevent wear engine of components during use is carried to the exhaust with the steam and must be separated for ecological reasons.
The engine exhaust gases pass through this product and gather the excess lubricating oil. It must be removed from time to time.
A 10 ml syringe is supplied with the unit to enable periodical removal of extracted oil through the port shown in the picture.
Inlet and exhaust pipes are a standard 5 mm brass tube and are normally made for “slip on” rubber tube supplied with the unit.
This is essentially a passive item in a power assembly.

Cylinder Diameter: 1-1/4" (31.8 mm)
Cylinder Height 2 1/2" (65 mm)
Height Overall 3 " (75 mm)
Piping 5 mm dia. for connection with "slip on" rubber hose supplied.
Mounting flange - 37 mm sq

Total Price$88.50

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