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Steam Powered Trains

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Steam Rail Trolley HO Kit

Steam Rail Trolley HO Kit

Ref: HI-010063



Kit Form of HI-010063
Only screws no soldering
Gage H0 , .65 inch, 16.5 mm
Length 2.76 inch, 7 cm
Width 1.18 inch, 3 cm
Height 2.36 inch, 6 cm
Boiler (heat resistant glass) 1.97 inch3, 5 cm3
Piston (diametrical) .12 inch 3 mm
Stroke .31 inch 8 mm
Steering Oscillating
Running time (term) 5 min.
Fuel dry (solid fuel)
Weight 52 gr.
Model # HI-010063

Don't forget the Esbit Fuel and the Steam Oil! See Bottom of Page.

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Online Catalogue | Kits |  Steam Powered Trains

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