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Stuart Beam Casting Kit.

Stuart Beam Casting Kit.

Ref: ST34-50-71390

The Stuart Beam is a relatively simple engine to construct. The use of Watts parallel motion makes this engine fascinating to watch, particularly at slow speeds.

Length 13 Inches.
Flywheel Diameter 7 Inches.
Bore 1 Inch Diameter
Stroke 2 Inches

Cast Iron - Bedplate, column, beam, pedestal, pulley, crank, cylinder, valve chest and cover, top and bottom cylinder covers, piston, flywheel.

Brass - Slide valve, eccentric strap, valve opperating block, glands, conrod bush, crankshaft bearings, beam bearings, entablature bearings, valve gear bearings.

Steel - Crankshaft, connecting rod, eccentric sheave, eccentric rod, clevis, crankpin, beam shaft, entablatures,piston and valve rods, valve gear and parallel motion.

Sundries - Detailed drawings, gaskets, viton "O" ring, gland packing, fixing pack.

Click on picture for large view.

Total Price$399.95

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