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Stuart No.9 Unmachined Set of Castings

Stuart No.9 Unmachined Set of Castings

Ref: ST34-50-71178

The Stuart No.9 is regarded by many as the most attractive engine in the Stuart range. The No.9 is typical of the large powerful Steam Engines installed in factories and mills to provide power.

As a steaming model or a static display the Stuart No.9 is a fine example of model engineering.

Please remember our sets of castings require the use of a lathe and milling machine to turn them into a working steam engine.

Length 11 Inches.
Flywheel Diameter 5 Inches.
Cylinder Bore 1 1/2 Inches.
Cylinder Stroke 1 1/2 Inches.


Cast Iron Boxbed, soleplate, cylinder, valve chest and cover, front and rear cylinder covers, piston, connecting rod, flywheel.
Gunmetal Slide valve, eccentric strap, connecting rod bearings, valve operating block, glands, crosshead, valve rod guide, crankshaft bearings.
Steel Crankshaft, eccentric sheave, piston and valve rods, eccentric rod, all materials for valve gear.
Sundries Detailed drawings, cylinder lagging, gaskets, piston rings, gland packing, fixings pack.

This engine has available an optional:
Stuart No.9 Feed Pump Castings - 34-50-71180
Govenor Set - 34-50-71181
Spring Belt for Governor - 32-50-71394
Large Steam & Exhaust Pipe Set - 34-50-71192
Drain Cocks - 34-50-71961 (need 2)
Oil Cups - 34-50-71832 (need 2)

To Make a complete plant layout you will also need:
Displacement Lubricator - 34-50-71851
Gas Tank Large 2 1/2 inch by 4 1/8 long. - 34-50-32525
Electronic Gas Valve - 34-50-10224
Stuart 6 Inch Horizontal Boiler - Stuart-34-50-33006
Pack of 3 Union Nuts for 5/32 Inch Union Liners - 34-50-72408 (need 2)
Union Liner to Suit 5/32 Pipe - 34-50-72413 (need2)
Copper 5/32 by 12" Tubing - 32-50-71911 (need 4 1 foot sections)

Click on picture for large view.

Total Price$650.85

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