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Sylt Auto Train Set

Sylt Auto Train Set

Ref: MK81428

1 German Federal Railroad (DB) class 38 passenger

locomotive with a tub-style tender. 1 type AByg four-axle rebuild car, 1st/2nd

class. 1 type Byg four-axle rebuild car, 2nd class. 4 low side gondolas.

Model: Locomotive comes with a 5-pole mini-club motor. All driving

axles powered. Three of the low side gondolas have contemporary vacation vehicle

combinations as freight, each car having 1 model automobile and 1 model trailer.

The fourth low side gondola transports 2 models of delivery trucks, a panel

truck and a flat bed truck with a tarp cover. All of the automobiles and trucks,

and trailers are made of metal. Locomotive and cars are in a special edition.

Total Price$419.93

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