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The Glass Works Kit

The Glass Works Kit

Ref: PMSolar-15

ATTENTION MODEL MACHINISTS: Now you can build a stirling engine from a kit. At the request of many model builders, we are pleased to offer our famous Glassworks Engine as a machinist kit. Needs machined.

You can easily show off your hard work by showing the pistons at work. Look inside the glass cylinders at the Stirling Cycle principle in action. This engine is extremely interesting to watch, and runs at speeds up to 1500 RPM. This is a hard combination to beat. A Pyrex hot cap, replaceable Pyrex power cylinder, gyro-quality ball bearings, bronze flywheel, aluminum cooling fins, and sand cast aluminum frame are only a few of the outstanding features incorporated into this engine. The completed Glassworks kit measures 7-1/2" x 4" x 3-1/2".

A sample quantity of ESBIT dry fuel is supplied with the engine. Denatured alcohol also works well as a fuel for this engine. For those persons who prefer using denatured alcohol, we have developed a handy burner, STOCK #90, which is available for a small additional charge, and can be found on the SOLAR ENGINE ACCESSORIES PAGE.


This is a CASTING KIT that requires machining!

Total Price$155.82

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